The Youth Public Chamber unites young people with a “unique success story”. Each of them has achieved incredible heights in consequence of their professionalism, will and leadership qualities.

About Us

The Youth Public Chamber is a non-governmental public organisation uniting youth leaders at the age 18 — 35, representing different segments of the civil society. Its primary goal is manifestation of the position of young people in respect of state policy, formulation of youth range of problems of social interest and activity aimed at solution of these problems.

Among the members of Youth Public Chamber are leaders of the parties «United Russia», «Communist Party of the Russian Federation», «The Just Russia», «Liberal Democratic Party of Russia», «Right Forces Union», «Agrarian Party», «People’s Will», as well as representatives of organisations All-Russian Public Movement «Civil Society», Confederation of Consumers’ Societies, the Red Cross, Russian Union of Young Scientists, Youth Centre for Russian and Foreign Parliamentarism, Club of Young Deputies of Moscow, Russian Association of Public Relations Students, Free Economic Society and well-known young businessmen, journalists, writers, sportsmen.

The Youth Public Chamber is a social and political project aimed at a totally different approach to the practice of formation and functioning of youth movements in Russia:
  • it considers youth as an independent subject of politics, regards it as a partner, not as a street «group of support» of some political force.
  • Youth Public Chamber is focused on a totally different segment of youth — not idling blockheads, but people who have already become successful in their business, young representatives of middle class. This segment is presently excluded from the sphere of influence of big politics. Meanwhile it is these people who form the future elite of the society.
  • the project is aimed at solution not of short-term, but long-term tasks in the sphere of youth politics and state construction. The stability and continuity of power in many respects is based on the fact that the political class at the helm forms the elite which can provide the guarantees of evolutionary, not revolutionary way of transfer of power.
  • Youth Public Chamber symbolises the attempt to shift from clannish-favouritisic way of formation of political elite to professional one. Members of Youth Public Chamber are selected not by principle of personal acquaintance, but according to the principle of professional competence and public representation.
  • Youth Public Chamber is a platform for open public discussion and may serve as a perfect range for trial of socially important projects and ideas.
  • the people who have come to Youth Public Chamber have already been able to realise themselves in their professional fields to a certain extent, therefore they do not regard the project as a way of personal enrichment.

Youth Public Chamber views identification of systemic problems faced by the young generation as a major direction of its work. For this purpose Youth Public Chamber participates in the work of state authorities and public organisations and develops the projects that, when realised, will help to approach the solution of these problems.

Among the realised projects and initiatives of Youth Public Chamber the following should be noted:
  • institution of Youth Association under Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, jointly with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with support of State Duma and Federation Council; its constituent conference will take place within the framework of the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Ekaterinburg in 2009 (the Association is being set up following the proposal put forward by President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting of heads of states of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Shanghai in June, 2006, supported by heads of other countries — participants);
  • Participation in the work of the Russian-German forum «Petersburg Dialogue»;
  • Creation of new mechanisms of training specialists in the sphere of mass media within the framework of joint educational project with the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University;
  • Development of the project «Media Business Faculty» for «Skolkovo Business School»;
  • Realisation of the project «Youth City» with the purpose to provide «housing at cost price» for young families, using newest technologies of low-rise construction;
  • Development of the system of educational credits in Russia, jointly together with Association of Russian Banks;
  • And a number of youth political and media projects (International forum «Youth G-8», TV show «Political Star Factory», etc.).

Youth Public Chamber positions itself as a civil society institute instituted as an alternative to street youth politics; it sees its goal as expansion of forms of legal participation of youth in activity of state authorities and representative bodies of power.