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Polozov Sergey Andreevich

Chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement "STOPNARKOTIK", Deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Chertanovo Central Municipal District, Member of the Council for Problems of Drug Abuse Prevention of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.
Date of Birth: 03 June 1982
Age: 40

 Born in the city of Taganrog, Rostov region. He has been living in Moscow since 1987 in the Chertanovo-Tsentralnoye area.


1999-2004. - Moscow Pedagogical State University. Lenin, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Professional activity

Since 2002 - up to now - Curator of children's homes in the Altai Territory (2 in the city of Gornyak, 1 in the village of Sychevsk).

In 2004. organized, together with the Victoria charity foundation, the departure of children from d / d from all over Russia to the 1st children's camp of children's self-government. Subsequently, the camp became annual and was held until 2009. The purpose of the camp: teaching children and adolescents the skills of self-government, socialization, development and implementation of a project for children's self-government in d / d.

2006-2013 Lecturer at the Higher School of Pedagogy and Psychology, Moscow State Pedagogical University. Lenin in the discipline "Business Psychology".

In 2008. elected as a deputy of the municipal assembly of the intracity municipal formation Chertanovo Central (2008-2012).

In 2012 he took part in the elimination of the consequences of the floods in Krymsk.

In 2012. - Founder and Chairman of the All-Russian public movement STOPNARKOTIK, whose goal is the legislative victory over the advertising and sale of synthetic drugs on the territory of the Russian

Federation. As of February 1, 2016, the organization operates in 46 regions, in 69 cities, the number of activists is more than 5500 people

In 2012. Elected deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Chertanovo-Tsentralnoye municipal district in Moscow (2012-2017). Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Commission for the Implementation of the Law of the City of Moscow No. 39.